Don’t take a Chance Check Your Tread

It is Recommended that you change your tyres when the tread depth is 3mm Checks are free At D&G Autocare . Worn tyres significantly increase your chances of having an accident on wet roads by increasing the stopping distance.  Significant increases in stopping distance begin to appear when the tyre is worn down below 3 mm. Although the legal minimum depth is 1 .6mm tread depth is only 1 .6mm, research has shown that tyres with 1 .6mm of tread took 36% longer to stop than those at 3mm – which represents 37 metres in wet conditions.

Failure to comply with the legal minimum standards can result in fines of up to £2500 and 3 penalty points for each illegal tyre.


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Stopping Distance

Recommendations by major car manufacturers say that you should change your tyres at 3mm, owing to the reduction in grip in wet weather and increased risk of aquaplaning

Three Bus Lengths

When you let your tyres wear down to the legal minimum of 1 .6mm, it will take you three bus lengths extra to stop from 70mph. Tests have shown that the cars with 1 .6mm of tread were still traveling at 40-50mph where the same car with 3mm had stopped.

How To Check your Tyres

It is easy to check the tread depth of your tyres for yourself, without the need for a fancy depth gauge. Just a twenty pence piece is all you need!
There’s a rim around the edge of the 20p coin that is about 2mm wide. Stick the edge of the coin inside the tyre tread and if you can’t see the raised rim you’ve more than 2mm of tread. If you can see the raised rim then you may need to have tyres replace.

If you’re not sure or think your tyres may need to be changed then remember checks are free at D&G Autocare. Just pop in and we’ll give you accurate, free advice and a tyre report of the condition of all your tyres.

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Give your Tyres A Health Check

    • Every two weeks, check the pressure of your tyres when they are cold.
    • Check the tread depth of your tyres. althought ethe minimum legal tread depth is 1 .6 mm, we reccommend that tyres should be replaced when the traed depth reaches 3 mm. Remember as your tread depth decreases your stopping distance increases. This is even more significant for cars with large wheels and wider tyres.
    • Check your tyres for damage. Look out for any  cracks or bulges as these can lead to slow punctures
    • Dont forget to check tread depth of your space tyre.

Remember Checks are Free At D&G Autocare.

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