D&G Autocare Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

D&G Autocare recognises and respects, the balance between industry and a healthy and sustainable environment. Our role in this balance is to conduct our business in a way that preserves and improves the quality of our environment for ourselves and our children, while providing our people with clean and safe working conditions.

We recognise and are conscious of this social responsibility and our role as corporate citizens. We are committed to ensuring that the conduct of our business does not have a detrimental impact on the environment of the various communities in which we operate.

We work in partnership with fully licenced waste management companies to ensure that our waste is segregated and recycled. In 2010 D&G Autocare was one of the first companies, in the UK, to segregate all its waste and to ensure that only a minimum would go to landfill.

We incorporate environmental issues in our company policies, procedures and supplier agreements and endeavour to consider the effect on the environment from equipment, products, packaging and disposal involved in our business.

We believe that a healthy environment is a management responsibility of equal importance to service and quality and is consistent with the continuing commercial operation of the business.

The used oil extracted from vehicle’s, during servicing, is recycled and refined into new lubricating oils. Recycling and refining “used oil” produces 30% less carbon emissions when compared to refining crude oil.

Our end-of-life tyres are recycled to make new products and to create energy in our homes and for EV’s (Electric Vehicles).
All of our old metal, such as brake components, springs, exhausts etc., is recycled and melted down into raw components in order that they can be reused to make anything from bridges, to new brakes components, new springs and new exhausts.

Petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles are becoming yesterday’s technology. As we move forward with Hybrid, Electric and Hydrogen engine vehicles, D&G Autocare will be at the forefront of this technology offering continued support, to our customer’s vehicles, with fully trained Technicians and whatever new equipment and technology is needed