Driving In Bad Weather

Are you  worried about driving in bad weather conditions. Why not get prepared early and drop your car off at your nearest D&G Autocare garage for a free safety check.  Let us check your tyres and brakes to make sure your safe on the roads. D&G Autocare -Safety tips for driving in bad weather.  Tips Wet weather

*Check tyre treads. ~ A 20p coin can be used to check your tread. The rim around the edge of the 20p coin that is about 2mm wide. Stick the edge of the coin inside the tyre tread and if you can’t see the raised rim you’ve more than 2mm of tread. If you can see the raised rim then you may need to have your tyres replaced. When you drive in wet conditions stopping distances are increased. The job of the tyre is to push the water away from the road to allow the tyre to make contact. The minimum tyre tread depth is 2mm so if your tyres don’t have sufficient tread to move the water away then your stopping distance is going to increase.

* Windscreen Wipers  ~ Replace windscreen wiper where the rubber is cracked. * Be careful driving through deep puddles or floods. Water  can get sucked in to the engine and you car could  stall or cut out.

* If you go through a  puddle take your foot off the gas and apply a feather action to the brakes. This will create heat and friction and will help dry the brakes.   Windy Weather * Reduce your speed in windy conditions.The wind can get underneath the car and therefore has the effect of making the car lighter. Smaller cars feel the effect of the wind more because of their lighter weight.

* Be aware of  flying debris on windy days from branches , trees and road signs. So, windy and wet weather means extra caution, slow down, and take more care. Better to arrive safely than not at all. Keeping the speed down and good tread on your tyres will allow more time to take evasive action safely.   Foggy Conditions

* Turn your fog lights on. Your fog lights will cut through the fog better as they are lower to the ground

* To avoid being hit from behind,  before entering a fog bank, slow down by pumping your  brakes several times.  This  will alert drivers behind you.

* Take care driving over hills because there might be another car stopped on the crest.

Remember !!  Tyre Checks, Brake Checks and Safety Checks are Free at D&G. Just give us a call or book online.

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