Timing Belts

Do you know when your timing belt needs replaced?

Ans. Depends on the manufacturer at what mileage timing belts are changed. However irrespective of mileage Timing Belts should be changed at around 5 years.

Prevent a massive repair bill if the old belt should break!

Use our new Timing Belt Check facility and we will let you know if your timing belt needs replaced.

Timing Belt Check
  • Special 10% discount available on timing belts to customers using our timing belt checking facility.
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When is your timing belt due?
When it comes to car servicing, timing belt replacement is without doubt the most important serviceable component of a car’s engine. The timing belt has the important job of controlling the camshafts in the engine and keeps it running smoothly, if left unchanged and it breaks, it can leave you with a massive engine repair bill. In many cases this requires a new engine or engine build costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

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Timing BeltsDid you know that failure to replace your engine’s timing belt after a certain mileage could result in a massive repair bill if the old belt should break?

This is why D&G Autocare have developed a special new service that draws upon the manufacturers recommendations, which will tell you from the comfort of your home when your timing belt is due for replacement.

All you need to do is enter your car details stating the make and model of car, the age of car (or year) and the current mileage into our timing belt check facility and we will send you an email to let you know when your timing belt should be replaced.

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