Top Tip For Winter Motoring

We have noticed that there is an increase in the number of tyres brought to us where there is damage to the tyres sidewall. The tyres sidewall is either bulged out with a bubble (a sure sign of impact damage normally from bumping up kerbs) or has cuts in the sidewall sometimes all the way through the tyre. Did you know that many people puncture and damage their tyres when they’re digging them out of the snow? The reason is that the materials that make up the tyre become hard in cold weather, things like shovels and spades can cause damage to cold tyres. So, when you’re digging your car out of the snow start by clearing the area the wheel is going to drive into “first”. Then working towards the tyre and clearing the snow that has built up against the tyre “last”. This is the best way to avoid damage to your tyres by a spade or shovel being thrust onto them or in some case through them.