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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose new tyres?

We understand that finding the right tyres can be daunting, especially if you’re not a veritable motorhead. But don’t worry, here at D&G Autocare, we’ve got a super-friendly team on hand to advise, along with tons of tyre options for every type of budget. Need help today? get in touch with our contact form below.

Do I need to buy winter tyres?

There’s no legal requirement in the UK for you to use different tyres during the winter or colder months. However, it’s worth knowing that harder summer tyres don’t perform as well once temperatures drop below 7°c. Also, unlike winter tyres, which consist of softer rubber and a unique tread pattern suited to freezing conditions, summer varieties often struggle to grip slush and ice. So, if you’re looking for year-round performance and enhanced safety, we recommend fitting winter tyres.

How do I check my tyre pressure?

To check your tyre pressure, you first need to ensure they are cold and your car is on a flat surface. Then, you’ll unscrew the dust cap, place a tyre pressure gauge on the stem, and press firmly. The gauge should provide a pressure reading.

Remember, the optimum tyre pressure is different for every model of car. If you’re unsure, check your vehicle’s handbook or the sill of the driver’s side door. If you find gauging your tyre pressures a struggle, you could always ask one of our technicians to help across our network of UK garages.

What’s the legally required tread depth on my tyres?

The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. Driving with tyres worn below this depth is illegal and could incur you a fine of £2,500 and three points—so check regularly. In fact, even if you’re just above this limit, tyre safety could be compromised. If you’re worried about tyre tread depth and safety, you can always consult one of our team by getting in touch through our contact form.

How can I make my tyres last longer?

There are many things you can do to improve your tyres’ lifespan. Ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure and wheel alignment is a good starting point, as is making changes to the way you drive. Such examples include reducing your car’s weight by removing unnecessary cargo from your boot, as well as avoiding aggressive acceleration and braking.

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