D&G Autocare Vulnerability Policy

D&G Autocare is committed to:

  • Never addressing and individual directly or publicly as being vulnerable, as they may not see themselves as being vulnerable or may be unaware of their vulnerability.
  • Treating all individuals equally regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, background, nationality, religious beliefs and personal circumstances, reflecting our core organisational values.
  • Recognising that vulnerability can affect an individual at any stage in life and can be both apparent to another person or hidden from view.
  • Allowing every individual to share information or sensitive data about their circumstances and dispute in a confidential and safe environment without feart of personal judgement or prejudice.
  • Ensuring an individual’s situation will be managed sensitively and appropriately based on any personal accounts and information provided.
  • Adapting our communication, language, channel and tone in line with an individual’s needs to maximise understanding of terms and outcomes used at any stage of our dispute resolution process and to make our services accessible to all.
  • Ensuring that we handle data about vulnerability with sensitivity, only disclosing it where necessary and with consent.
  • Guiding an individual to the most appropriate point of assistance and support.
  • Adapting our processes to assist and communicate with consumers who may be vulnerable.