Winter Tyres? Is there any point?

Winter tyres are designed to deliver safety and control in snow, ice and cold weather conditions. The superior traction that winter tyres deliver can very well be the margin you need to stop in time or turn to avoid trouble in winter driving conditions. Winter tyres have special tread compounds that use one or more of the following features to deliver improved traction: • Specially developed tread blocks to provide traction on covered road surfaces dealing directly with insubstantial agents such as snow and ice, mud and gravel. • Special compounds that retain their flexibility even in the coldest temperatures. A more flexible tread surface equals more traction control. • Silica based, micro pore compounds (or comparable technology) are used to bite through the water film and increase snow and ice traction. Winter tyres can be a bit more expensive than ordinary tyres but what price do you put on safety? D&G Autocare will give you the “best prices in town” on tyres. We’ll even store your normal tyres for you, if they’re not worn out that is and refit them in time for summer. A little bit more of “all we do for you”.