Spring Is In The Air

Ok, spring is upon us and the weather’s improving. We’ve all been putting off giving the car a good clean ’cause it’s not been worth it. No sooner had we cleaned the car out then, down came the snow, the rain, the puddles and the mud. Kids, dogs, us getting in and out of the car have all taken their toll on your cars’ interior.

So, spring cleaning time for the car. Get all the rubbish out of the map pockets and from under the seats. Give it a good hoover and polish inside. There are plenty of products on the market to choose from, but I suggest just using major store own brands. They’re just as good as any other and a good cleaning will mean you won’t need to use the fresheners for a while.

I don’t know about you but if it takes me less than two hours to clean the car my good lady says I’ve not done the job properly. So, that’s my rule of thumb for car cleaning.

A good tip for maintaining that dashboard shine is to buff it up now and again with a woolen Beanie hat. It fits over your hand and the wool works really well at removing dust and bringing up the shine and it saves on polish. I’d use a beanie you no longer wear as you’d look a bit funny wear a beanie covered in dust and fluff. Get under the bonnet and check the levels; Oil, water, washers, power steering fluid and brake fluid (these levels are normally visible through the reservoir bottles).
Job done. If this all seems a bit much, give us a bell to  Book a Free Safety Check with us, then the pressures off! Not only will we check your car over and top up your water we will top up your oil too!!

The seasonal safety check includes checking of

  • Operation of all lights.
  • Operation of the handbrake lever.
  • Operation of the brake, clutch and accelerator pedals.
  • Operation of the wipers, washers. Check and report condition of the wiper blades.
  • Operation of all seat belts.
  • Check and report condition of the wiper blades.
  • Check and top up washer reservoir.
  • Check and top up engine coolant level.
  • Check and top up engine oil level
  • Check and report brake fluid level.
  • Check and report condition of all tyres.